Intelligent Surveys

Intelligent Decisions


Do you need to improve the efficiency and accuracy of group decisions at your organization and improve team performance? If so, Calibrum’s cloud-based real-time collaborative Decision Support System can make this happen. Applying collective intelligence to your corporate environment has never been quicker and easier. Turn your company into a self-learning thinking machine and start making the right decisions right away!



Collaborative Decision Making with Team Performance Management

Our cloud-based real-time collaborative decision making platform will connect people at your organization into an intelligent, global brain in order to make better, more informed group decisions. We can help you super-charge your decision making processes and, at the same time, boost your team's performance through the maximization of its collective intelligence. This will enable your organization to minimize the cost and lag in the decision-making process, leading to improved productivity, operational efficiencies and ultimately, better, more timely decisions. You will be able to respond to business threats and complete key projects faster while experiencing improved employee satisfaction.


Our consensus-centric collaborative decision-making platform are built on a democratic and structured approach that harnesses the collective wisdom of participants to find solutions that everyone actively supports.


Information is analyzed as soon as received and immediately fed back to all survey participants so they can learn from each other and, if necessary, can reassess their earlier opinion in light of new information.


Keeping historical records of the evolution of each user's opinion, group consensus, stability and several other statistical metrics will help you understand the motivating factors behind each individual's behavior.


By mapping relationships between decision makers, we can calculate the group's Collective Intelligence which is an excellent predictor of how well a group will perform when faced with challenges.