Your Census for Consensus


Good decisions are not made in isolation in response to an individual's idea or individual piece of data. They require shared knowledge and analysis of a combination of different pieces of information. We can help you harness the collective intelligence of your employees to facilitate a successful, joyful and teamwork-encouraged work environment. Because you should know better.



Real-Time Collaborative Decision Making with Artificial Intelligence

Collaborative Business Intelligence is about bringing stakeholders and subject matter experts together to make better decisions. Our Collaborative BI platform will help you minimize the cost and lag in the decision-making process, leading to improved productivity, operational efficiencies and ultimately, better, more timely decisions. You will be able to respond to business threats and complete key projects faster, experiencing decreased time to market for new products as well as improved employee satisfaction.


Our consensus-centric collaborative surveys are built on a democratic and structured approach that harnesses the collective wisdom of participants to find solutions that everyone actively supports or at least can live with.

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Consensus takes place in iterated "rounds". Experts are asked to rate the extent of their agreement or disagreement with a series of statements describing the opinions expressed in the previous round.

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By omitting sequential rounds and thereby shortening the time frame needed to perform such studies, the multi-round survey process is improved by calculating experts' responses in "real-time".

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Our new consensus technique that consists of one or more sequential survey rounds where each round is carried out in real-time. The evolution of group consensus and its stability are monitored in real-time.

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