Intelligent Surveys

People Analytics 360


Accurate people management decisions are the most important and impactful decisions that an organization can make. To help you make those decisions, we brought together human data with management science and created People Analytics 360, a collaborative real-time people management platform that provides companies with a data-driven predictive approach to recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership and team design.



Build High-Performance Teams through Collaboration and Data-driven Behavior Analysis

Every successful company has one thing in common: engaged employees. Engaged employees learn, grow, display strong leadership skills, provide heightened return on investment and significantly decrease an organization's turnover rate. We can help you capture the opinions of your employees in real-time with our consensus-centric collaborative surveys. These allow you to enhance new employee onboarding, measure engagement and performance, and derive meaning from departing staff through exit surveys. Capture the collective insights of your entire talent pool and put the data to work to make significantly better workforce decisions with People Analytics 360.


Selecting the right talent for your organization requires thorough evaluations and measurements. We use consciousness and psychometric assessment methods to determine a candidate's competencies and behaviors. Use our collaborative 360 candidate feedback for unbiased real-time talent evaluation and selection.


Performance reviews are crucial to employee development. Our real-time collaborative 360 employee feedback help you identify and benchmark a team member's strengths and weaknesses, as well as highlighting areas for improvement leading to improved employee satisfaction and higher retention rate.


Today's succesful leaders are willing to adapt and improve team performance by sharpening their own leadership team development skills. Connect performance back to business results using our real-time collaborative 360 leadership surveys and support high performance and leadership competencies.


Gain unprecented insights into team dynamics through structural analytics. Understand and optimize your team's decision-making and decision-implementation competencies through predictive analytics. Assemble the right people to reach maximum team performance with the help of our workforce optimizer.